Beauty Re/store is a duly registered brand under Neo Golden Towers Trading Corporation. Headed by its President and CEO, DR. CHRISTINE MAY DAGUNO-CANOY, the corporation was established in 2016 as a company engaged in the business of buying, selling, distributing and marketing at wholesale or retail. It has been issued a Certificate of Accreditation as Importer by the Bureau of Customs and a License to Operate as Cosmetic Trader by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines.

A dentist and entrepreneur with over 17 years of business experience being the founder and CEO of businesses including Neocolors Productions and Advertising Inc., Neocolors Productions International and Neo Express International and founder of EduCare for Life International Foundation, Dr. Christine is known to be in constant pursuit of excellence in the fields of business she is engaged in.

An advocate of entrepreneurship and the desire to help more Filipinos, especially women to start their own business and be their own boss without the hassle of creating a new brand and going through the tedious process of starting a new business, she managed to establish a strong connection with GP Club Korea and engaged her company into an accredited distributorship with founder and Chief Executive Officer, KIM JUNG-WOONG in the handling of all GP Club brands in the Philippines.

Model, digital creator, influencer, co-owner, and Chief Partnerships Officer of Beauty Re/store Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez has been a fixture in the fashion and publishing industry for the past 23 years. She has also been hailed as one of the most beautiful faces on countless lists and magazine covers. Perhaps very few know that Mika is an entrepreneur as well and was the owner of Elan Models International. She has also designed her line of jewelry for Atelier 818 and has made her presence known on social media as being a go-to in fashion, lifestyle, beauty & motherhood. She is strong-willed and driven as ever as she steps into one of the most important phases of her life fueled by her passion for skin care.

Christine and Mika come full circle as they partner for Beauty Re/store. Previously, these two powerful women published Luxe, a lifestyle magazine that featured prominent women in the entertainment industry like Marian Rivera, Anne Curtis, and Heart Evangelista.

Beauty Re/store team is equipped with expertise and sense of beauty and a strong partnership that aims to stand out in the local beauty industry with fresh ideas and high efficiency in making available to the Filipinos, high quality skincare and cosmetic products.


To provide superior skincare and cosmetic products to the Philippine market by sourcing directly from South Korea through its accredited distributorship with GP Club in handling brands formulated with the highest commitment to research, development, manufacturing, and distribution.


To be one of the country’s leading distributor of skincare and cosmetic products; a trusted name with a powerful presence known for its reputation for excellence.

GPclub Korea

Beauty Re/Store is an accredited distributor of GP Club in the Philippines by virtue of a contract signed between the CEO of Neo Golden Towers Trading Corporation, DR CHRISTINE MAY DAGUNO-CANOY and the Founder and President of GP Club, MR. KIM JUNG-WOONG.


Building the foundation for K-Beauty globalization by entering global markets such as South Korea, China, Russia, the Americas, Europe, and now the Philippines.

RESEARCH & development

With an R&D center in South Korea, GP Club produces high-quality products and leads the cosmetic market with fresh ideas that go beyond conventional expectations.


Embracing South Korea's dedication to sustainability, GP Club's beauty products prioritize environmental friendliness, contributing to a reduced ecological impact.